Call for submissions: H-Ukraine “Khroniky” blog on research on Ukraine during wartime

Emma Friedlander's picture

Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014 , access to traditional sources for research on Ukraine has been disrupted. However, scholars are finding innovative ways to continue research on Ukraine both outside and inside the country. 

H-Ukraine is relaunching our blog “Khroniky” with a series of blog posts highlighting the ways that people are continuing to conduct research on Ukraine. If you are doing research on Ukraine in an innovative way, we want to hear from you! We welcome scholars both inside and outside Ukraine and from any discipline, including history, political science, Slavic studies, anthropology, and more. 

Interested contributors can either write their own blog post (about 500 words) or talk with our network editor who will then compile a post. Please reach out to or DM us on Twitter at @H_Ukraine if you are interested. 

Using these contributions, we plan to eventually compile a resource guide on how to research Ukraine when traditional access is disrupted.