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Forum for Ukrainian Studies

Forum for Ukrainian Studies is a research publication for experts, practitioners, and academics to discuss, explore, reflect upon, develop, and transform international understanding about contemporary affairs in Ukraine. This online, open-access platform was created and is run by a team in the Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta. 

Interview with Peter Vermeersch: In the EU, Ukraine is perceived as “the eastern edge of Western Europe”

The perception of Ukraine has changed a lot across the EU. Though it is hard to generalize, Ukraine was largely unknown as a country before the invasion. It was a faraway piece of Eastern Europe—or, perhaps more clearly, the western edge of Eastern Europe. However, since the escalated invasion a lot of Europeans, and specifically Belgians, have started perceiving Ukraine as the eastern edge of Western Europe.

If you take a wider perspective, perceptions of Ukraine had already begun changing before the Russian invasion in 2022. After the Orange Revolution (2004–05) and later the Euromaidan (2013–14) and annexation of Crimea, it became clear to Belgians that Ukraine is something unique and worth observing. The connection and solidarity with Ukraine have been growing and intensifying over the years. 

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Urban cultural heritage endangered by the Russo-Ukrainian war

Yevhen Rachkov

Protection of cultural heritage remains a crucial aspect of Ukraine’s public policy in the context of the war with Russia. The Russian military is constantly and deliberately shelling Ukrainian cities. In particular, the urbicide carried out by Russian troops aims to destroy the cultural and symbolic heterogeneity of the country’s urban spaces and the diversity of its cultural heritage. In response, new strategies for the protection of cultural heritage are being developed in Ukraine, under the strategic influence of central state institutions in the field of culture.

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Western states to provide Ukraine with advanced weaponry and military vehicles

CIUS weekly report on media coverage of Ukrainian affairs, 1-6 January 2022

Media Monitoring Service

Topics featured in the selected articles:
  • Ukraine’s current situation: Ukrainian forces are continuing to destroy Russian occupiers in the hundreds; Kyiv did not support Putin’s incentive for a Christmas ceasefire; Ukrainian forces have become highly effective in downing Russian drones; the citizens of Ukraine’s capital try to live normal lives in spite of the war;
  • The world and Ukraine: supporting Ukraine is in the US’s national interest; Washington’s aid to Ukraine will remain sustainable and progressive but cautious; Western states agree to provide Ukraine with their newest armoured vehicles; 
  • Russia at war: The Russian invasion has accelerated Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration; Russia plans to continue the war no matter the costs; Russia destroys schools and other educational institutions, aiming to rewrite Ukraine’s identity.
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