Ukrainian Institute: An introductory online course in English on Ukrainian Culture

Iryna Skubii Discussion

Ukrainian Culture: Understanding the Country and Its People

What comes to your mind when you think about Ukrainian culture? Traditional clothes? A few artists or writers? But these are only a shadow of what Ukrainian culture represents. In this short course, ten scholars from various disciplines present ten topics, covering essential aspects of Ukrainian culture. Understanding contemporary events requires knowledge of the cultural and social foundation of modern Ukrainian society. The Ukrainian nation formed over centuries. Each devoted to a particular angle, these videos together reveal how past events, including external political and cultural domination by imperial powers, shaped Ukrainian society. In addition to the video lectures, the course provides learners with original sources – literature, texts, video links, and online resources that touch upon a range of issues of Ukrainian culture. Each of these will give you a balanced and nuanced knowledge of Ukrainian culture, identities, and society.