Call for Materials: Ukrainian Fashion History Digital Archive

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Ukrainian Fashion History Digital Archive collects and preserves materials on the history of Ukrainian fashion with a focus on the 20th century. Its mission is aimed at informing and educating a wide range of audiences through collecting, preserving and interpreting materials on the history of Ukrainian fashion and the cultural heritage of Ukraine. In particular, the Archive materials will be useful for students, scholars and fashion professionals.

Olha Korniienko (@olhakorniienko), the head and founder of the Archive, is a fashion historian, PhD in History. She specializes in the history of Ukrainian Soviet fashion with a particular focus on ideology and everyday practices, function of the fashion industry, as well as connections and cooperation with socialist and capitalist countries in the field of light industry. Currently, she is working on her book Ukrainian Soviet Fashion During the Cold War at Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI).

The Archive online platform is currently under development, but you may contribute now. They are currently accepting documents, magazines, books, videos or photographs related to the history of Ukrainian fashion in the 1940s-1980s. Your engagement in the development of the Archive is significant, especially now, when a full-scale war is going on in Ukraine, and every day we have losses, including cultural and historical ones. Let's preserve the Ukrainian heritage together!

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