CfA: Canadian-Polish-Ukrainian Graduate Workshop on State Socialism in Eastern Europe, 1945-1989

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This virtual workshop will start in September 2022 and will be coordinated by Prof. Andriy Zayarnyuk, University of Winnipeg. The workshop is envisioned as a small team (close to 15 students) of graduate students from Canada, Poland and Ukraine, either researching or merely interested in the social and cultural history of “mature socialism” in the Soviet Union and former “Soviet Bloc.” The virtual seminar will serve as an international knowledge cluster that will help graduate students to finish their research projects and successfully complete their degree programs, while at the same time embedding them in international academic networks and to improve their visibility in academic milieus and among general public. The workshop will also bring together three distinct national traditions of doing history and thinking about Eastern European state socialism. The workshop will meet virtually once a month for seminars focusing on the recently published significant interventions in this field of study.

If you are interested in joining the workshop please e-mail Andriy Zayarnyuk at