H-Ukraine Call for Network Editors and Book Review Editors

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H-Ukraine Call for Network Editors and Book Review Editors


            The editors of H-Ukraine are pleased to announce a call for editors and book review editors to join our growing team. H-Ukraine was founded in 2019 by a small group that strived to promote academic content and scholarship related to the study of Ukraine. As a result of our growth, our network is now in need of additional editors to help us expand our offerings and work on innovative projects as we continue to build new resources.

            In addition to publishing book reviews, calls for papers, conference announcements, fellowships, jobs, and other related content, our team manages a blog called “Khroniky” that allows scholars to write about their research experiences, and we regularly produce interviews with scholars of Ukraine as part of our H-Ukraine “Spotlight” series. As a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine, we have also developed an Emergency Resources for Ukrainian Scholars tab that collects and archives available academic fellowships and positions for Ukrainian scholars displaced and disrupted by the war. These are just some of the projects that we work on, but we are very much interested in developing and supporting new ones. Possibilities for such projects include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Developing a podcast series related to Ukrainian studies
  • Weekly or monthly roundup of new academic publications focused on Ukraine
  • Ukrainian language content and resource director
  • Book review editors who will solicit, edit, and publish scholarly reviews of books related to Ukraine
  • Creating a new blog focused on Ukrainian topics
  • Building and maintaining a digital archive focused on Ukrainian themes
  • Enhancing our social media presence and outreach


We are looking for both general editors and book review editors to join us. General editors are responsible for editing and publishing posts submitted by people in our network, creating new posts, designing tabs and resources, and working together with the larger editorial team to contribute to H-Ukraine’s mission. Book review editors work together to promote new books in Ukrainian studies by finding reviewers, assigning books for reviews, editing content, and publishing book reviews on H-Ukraine. Book review editors also work closely with the H-Net home office to find and order books. One of our goals at H-Ukraine this year is to publish more book reviews as a way to make Ukrainian scholarship more visible to a diverse audience, so this is a great opportunity for someone looking to work with books and gain valuable publishing experience. It is expected that editors for either position will commit to at least a year of service.

If you are interested in joining our team, then we kindly ask you to submit a short 300–500-word letter of motivation that indicates which position you would like to be considered for (general editor or book review editor), new project ideas that you think H-Ukraine would benefit from, and your reasons for wanting to become part of H-Ukraine. Additionally, we ask that you send us an updated CV for our reference. Both the letter of motivation and CV should be submitted no later than July 31st, 2022.

To be considered, please send all materials to editorial-ukraine@mail.h-net.org.

This is a wonderful opportunity to become involved with the larger H-Net platform and gain valuable experience in creating and sharing academic content related to the study of Ukraine. We look forward to adding new members to our team that will help us push Ukrainian studies in new directions.

You can visit H-Ukraine and learn more about what we do by visiting our site: https://networks.h-net.org/h-ukraine