Artificial Intelligence Technology Summer School at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

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Artificial Intelligency Technology Summer School

27 June-8 July 2022

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv 

Аrtificial intelligence technology: summer school in Lviv University


- to stimulate the creation of innovative programs on artificial intelligence and update existing ones;
- to promote the involvement of experts in order to form qualifying requirements for educational programs and cooperation with the university in general;
- to involve school participants, teachers, mentors, and industry professionals to work on real projects and re- search that will occur as a result of schoolwork


Мachine learning

- Reinforcement Machine Learning - Unsupervised Machine Learning
- Supervised Machine Learning
- Deep learning

- CV, Image recognition and classification
- NLP, Speech recognition, Audio recognition, Text recognition and emotion detection
- Deep learning for forecasting
- End-to-end Machine learning projects/models to solve practical problems Machine Learning toolchain
- Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn
- TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
- Apache MXNet
- OpenCV
- OpenAI Gym, Apache Airflow High-performance computing
- Fundamentals of parallel, hybrid and distributed computing
- Getting Started with Jetson Xavier
NX Developer Kit
- Getting started with Google Coral's TPU USB Accelerator or/and Google Coral -Development Board
Cloud services and technologies.
Cloud computing
- Amazon Web Services
- Google Cloud Platform
- MS Azure
Big Data
- Big Data in AWS
- Big Data in GCP
- Big Data in Azure
- Big Data Visualization
- Relational, non-relational,
distributed databases
-Data warehouse, ETL,
Data Workflows

Mobile development

- Android
- iOS
- Flutter
- Kotlin Multiplatform for Cross-Platform Mobile Development

- React Native for mobile
- Integration of artificial intelligence systems
in mobile development
- Distribution of mobile applications
Web development
- Web development using Flask / Django
- Authentication methods for web services
- Organization of infrastructure and deployment of web services
- Web analytics, Social network analysis, Crawlers, analytical platforms
- Integration of artificial intelligence systems in web development
- JavaScript
- Python basics
- Python for data analysis
- Python for visualization
- Python for data mining
C, C++, Java, Swift

IoT, IIoT, AIoT (Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence of Things)

Git, Data Version Control (DVC)

Soft Skills

- Communication
- Collaboration and teamwork
- Time management and organization - Empathy / Emotional intelligence
- Owning up to errors
- Problem solving and creativity
- People skills and management
- Innovation
- Analytical thinking

 Direct target audience:

• 70% of IT students (approximately 420 registrations expected)

• 30% -other students. The participants will be selected based on the topic justification which the applicant is working on or studying at school (approximately 180 registrations are expected)

• 30% of school speakers will be teachers who will test the topics, which eventually will be included in the new educational program

Indirect target audience:

• Teachers involved in teaching at the school
• Authors of the future educational program
• Ivan Franko National University teachers and other teachers from Institutions of Higher Education of Lviv Region and Ukraine,
• Society and the general public of the city, who will find out about the school and the beginning of a new direction at Lviv University.


• 2021, 371 registrations, 165 successfully completed their studies. 14 companies and 23 speakers took part in the work of the school.


Mentors and speakers of the school will be research- ers, developers, and skilled professionals with proven experience on practical/real projects in specific area

• Оnline
• Тheory
• Practical workshops
• fulfillment of objectives

Working languages of the school: English and Ukrainian.
Language of working materials: English

How to join:
1) To provide the school with a speaker or mentor; 2) to support the project implementation by be- coming its partner.

Advantages of partnership:
• additional promotion of your company among students;
• communication and involvement of the students into the company's activities;
• distribution of information content and posts about the company in the social networks of the University;

If you want to take part in schoolwork or cooperate with us, send us an email: