CfA: Making Ukrainian Scholarship Visible (University of Erfurt)

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As part of the fundraising campaign for endangered scholars, the Ukraine Initiative of different members the University of Erfurt and the "Universitätsgesellschaft Erfurt" is offering to scholars from Ukraine the opportunity to deliver guest lectures. The aim is to provide visibility for our Ukrainian colleagues and their work. 

The subject of the lecture can be ongoing research in the humanities and social sciences, as well as analyses of the origins and background of the current political and cultural situation in Ukraine. With this, we want to provide a platform for Ukrainian research and at the same time initiate scholarly exchange on the war of aggression on Ukraine and its consequences. To the degree it is possible, we want to enable the participants to have a continuing discussion in which their topics and theses can be further developed.

The offer is open to scholars on all career levels, and we encourage PhD students to consider the applying. The participants in the program can give remote lectures via video or podcast – also directly from Ukraine. The lecturers will receive an honorarium of € 250. Their lectures will be made generally accessible online as a video or podcast and should be 15-20 minutes in length. The presentations should be given in English or German, but if this is not possible,  we will provide a translation from Russian or Ukrainian. Translations should ideally also be done by endangered scholars. In this case, the translators would be remunerated on the basis of a work contract. Assistance with the recording of the lectures can be provided if necessary, for example via remote recording using video platforms.

Applications with proposals can be submitted immediately. An abstract of about 250 words and a short CV (1 page) is sufficient. Please send your applications by email under the keyword "Ukrainian Scholarship" to: