Peer Review


The Elephant has assembled a #PeerReviewSyllabus in conjunction with Peer Review Week. The theme for the 2021 Peer Review Week is “Identity in Peer Review.” You can follow or join the conversations online with the hashtags #PeerReviewWeek21 and #IdentityInPeerReview, or our own #FeedingtheElephant hashtag.

Advice for First-Time Peer Reviewers

As we wrap-up Peer Review Week 2020, we wanted to share some practical advice with early career scholars being asked to review for the first time. I spoke with three scholars, including a journal editor, about how to approach this potentially daunting task—and why it's important to do so.

Working with Your Editor: Ten FAQS about Book Peer Review

A post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

As Peer Review Week approaches, I wanted to share answers to some of the questions I get asked most often. The theme of #PeerReviewWk20 is trust. I hope these answers contribute to trust in peer review by fostering candid conversations about publishing in general and helping to demystify the peer review process specifically.

Opening post: Peer Review Week

Welcome to the inaugural posts of Feeding the Elephant, a forum for conversations about scholarly communications in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We begin by looking at one of the elements that makes academic publishing distinctive: peer review. Scholars who want to have their research taken seriously by their discipline have to publish it in a peer-reviewed form, whether that’s a journal article or a monograph or something else.