TOC: Early American Literature 52(1)(2017): special issue, "Early American Disability Studies"

Exciting news from Laurel Daen, who pointed me to the new special issue of Early American Literature, with the theme "Early American Disability Studies." This gets its own post, today. --Ed.

Early American Literature
Volume 52, Number 1, 2017

Special Issue
Guest Editors: Sari Altschuler and Cristobal Silva

Early American Disability Studies
pp. 1-27|DOI: 10.1353/eal.2017.0000
Sari Altschuler, Cristobal Silva

Call for Items: Disability History Association Newsletter (Spring 2017)

It's that time again! If you have announcements, essays, calls, commentaries, reports, or other goodies to share in the Disability History Association newsletter for Spring 2017, I'm open to receive submissions at


To check out what diverse kinds of content we have included in the past, visit previous issues here:

ANN: DHA Graduate Student Travel Award Winner

The Disability History Association is pleased to announce that Travis Lau, a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, has been selected for a graduate student travel award. Travis will be presenting a paper entitled ““Disabling Vaccination: Autism and the Specter of Rehabilitative Futurism,” at the Disability as Spectacle Conference at the University of California, Los Angeles on April 13-14, 2017. Travis’ work places current vaccination and anti-vaccination politics within a centuries-long history of representational strategies in Western history.


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