Twenty-First Century Blind Professional Historians

Hello.  I am a blind historian working on a project with two other historians about “Ageism, Ableism, and Advocacy in the History Profession.” I am researching contemporary blind historians’ experiences, both good and bad, working in the history professions; museums, working as authors, public history, etc.  Please respond if you would like to share your experiences with me.  Best wishes.

Alida Boorn, PhD.

Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship History-- query

H-Dis folks--  I'm researching a guy who was enrolled at the University of Florida in the late 1930s and he held a Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship.   I'm guessing this is one of the early rehabilitation scholarships for people with disabilities, out of the 1920 Smith-Fess Act or Social Security.  

Does anyone know anything else about these scholarships-- how prevalent they were, how designated and funded etc.?  

Would I look in Federal or State records?

Many thanks-- 

Kate Rousmaniere

Miami University, Ohio 


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