Current Journal Articles and New Books (#243/ / November 2021)

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Current Journal Articles and New Books (#243/ / November 2021)

Introduction: About once a month, we post a list of recently published books and journal articles about the history of disability (somewhat broadly defined). We also include book chapters in new collections, book reviews, dissertations, podcasts, and other materials. A few caveats: (1) your definitions of history and disability may exclude some of these publications and include others; (2) listing here does not constitute a recommendation of the works; and (3) only English-language publications are usually culled but we welcome works in other languages from contributors.

If you have suggestions of works to be featured please contact the H-Disability editors on our new email address:


Bronston, William. Public Hostage, Public Ransom: Ending Institutional America. Conneaut Lake, PA: Page Publishing, 2021.


Cartwright, Ryan Lee. Peculiar Places: A Queer Crip History of White Rural Nonconformity. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2021.


Lang, Harry G. Turn on the Words! Deaf Audiences, Captions, and the Long Struggle for Access. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press, 2021.



Almond, Gemma. “Vision Testing in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Britain: Opticians, Medical Practitioners and the Battle for Professional Authority.” Social History of Medicine (November 2021),


Brilmyer, Gracen Mikus. “‘I’m Also Prepared to Not Find Me. It’s Great When I Do, but It Doesn’t Hurt If I Don’t’: Crip Time and Anticipatory Erasure for Disabled Archival Users.” Archival Science, October 18, 2021.


Durban, Erin L. "Anthropology and Ableism." American Anthropologist (online October 2021),  


Kritsotaki, Despo. “Changing Psychiatry or Changing Society? The Motion for the Rights of the ‘Mentally Ill’ in Greece, 1980-1990.” Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 76, issue 4 (October 2021): 440–461.



Pamela L. Dale. Review of Piepmeier, Alison; Estreich, George; Adams, Rachel. Unexpected: Parenting, Prenatal Testing, and Down Syndrome. H-Disability, H-Net Reviews. November, 2021. 


Rosamund Oates. Review of Joshua, Essaka. Physical Disability in British Romantic Literature. H-Disability, H-Net Reviews. November, 2021.


Lauren Thompson. Review of Burch, Susan. Committed: Remembering Native Kinship in and beyond Institutions. H-Disability, H-Net Reviews. November, 2021.


Contributions received from: 

Gracen Brilmyer, William Bronston, Erin Durban, and Iain Hutchison


Compiled by:  Katie Healey, PhD, UCLA