Arts-Based Historical Research: Crip/Mad Archive Dance on Wednesday, October 20th, 7pm, Lincoln Center, NYC

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Dear comrades,

On October 20th (Wednesday)  I will lead a new Crip/Mad Archive Dance at 7pm, in the Astor Gallery at the The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, as part of my NYPL Dance Research Fellowship. 

I ran a big Crip/Mad Archive Dance score this past weekend at the Dance Studies Association in New Brunswick, with 50 people in a park, as the last rays of warm sunshine kissed us, with fall leaves settling on us from the trees that sheltered us, supported by earth and sky. Like last time, when Elisabeth Motley folded Augustine's hysteric choreographic trace from the Salpêtrière into our circle, we had guests with movement contributions; Stephanie Heit with a movement remembering touch in prep for electroshocks, Chanika Svetvilas with a memory of walking, and dance elder Halifu Osumare gifting us with a memory lineage of Fred Benjamin's jazz dance. It was rich ceremony.

I hope some of you can join us (again) this Wednesday, for a very different circle: we'll be in the gallery. I will be able to screen some archival digitized film footage as part of a different score.

Please feel free to pass this along to others who might enjoy arts-based archival research methods and disability culture work, and who might like to join us.

And be in touch with any questions! We'll meet at the Astor Gallery, which is accessible from the Amsterdam Ave entrance of the NYPL Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center: 111 Amsterdam between 64th and 65th, NYC, at 7pm.

More background info about the project here:

Best wishes,

Petra Kuppers


Petra Kuppers
Anita Gonzalez Collegiate Professor of Performance Studies and Disability Culture

University of Michigan

Performance/Dance.       Poetry/Fiction

forthcoming: Eco Soma: Pain and Joy in Speculative Performance Encounters. UoMinnesotaP, early 2022)