Western History Association On line Sessions on Disability History

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The Western History Association 2021 conference has added a PreCon online program of 39 sessions on Oct 18 and 19,  Within these sessions there are a few that maybe of interest to the H-Disability Network:

Monday, Oct 18 2:00 to 3:30 (CDT)

Teaching Disability History of America in Public Schools: K-12, Undergraduate, and Graduate School Degrees
Sponsored by the WHA Committee on Teaching and Public Education
Chair: Alida Boorn, Historian and  James Boorn, Museum Accessibility Advocate
Presenters :

Robin C. Henry, Wichita State University
           Takin’ it to the…Federal Building?: Teaching Disability Civil Rights History through the 1977 San Francisco 504 Sit-In
Catherine Kudlick, San Francisco State University
            Teaching the Disability Rights Struggle as Western History
Alida Boorn, Historian
           Teaching the History of Disability in Washington State Public Schools
Comment: Day Al-Mohamed, Invalid Corps Film

Tuesday, Oct 19 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT)

Disability in Native Pasts, Presents, and Futures
Chair: Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, American Council of Learned Societies Fellow

Maile Arvin (Native Hawaiian), University of Utah
            Institutionalizing the Territory: Settler Colonial Practices of “Care” in Early Twentieth Century Hawai’i
Susan Burch, Middlebury College
              Contesting Commitments
Ella Callow (Cherokee Nation, non-Citizen (Descendant)), University of California, Berkeley, Section 504 Compliance Officer
             Indigeneity, Empire, and Disability: Carceral Spaces & Frontier Profiteering at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries
Kelsey Dayle John (Navajo), University of Arizona
             Equine Assisted Interventions as a Method of Wellbeing in Indigenous Communities

For updated schedule and registration information see the WHA Conference program site at: 2021 Conference Program (westernhistory.org)


Registration for these and other on-line sessions is at https://www.westernhistory.org/2021-Pre-Con. Please note that for non-WHA members it may be more cost effective to join the WHA or register for the on-site conference to get free access to these sessions.