CFS: Contribute to the DHA’s new blog, "All of Us"!

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The Disability History Association (DHA) is delighted to invite submissions for blogposts for publication to our newly launched blog, "All of Us." We hope to use the blog to highlight research, teaching and public outreach on disability history. Anyone may submit a pitch or blog post for consideration, including scholars, undergraduates, secondary school teachers, members of the public, activists, etc., from across the world. The content of the submissions may be on any of the following:


1. Historical Research Based Articles (800-1,200 words)

  • The historical investigation or analysis of ableism in attitude, policy and practice
  • The historical intersections between disability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class
  • How disabled people’s lives and experiences have been transformed by historical events (e.g. disability and war)
  • Disability and disabled people as drivers of historical change/transformation
  • Representations of disabled historical subjects in popular culture


2. Reflections on Disability History (flexible word length)

  • Narrations of disabled lives from historical lens (individual biographies)
  • Disability history in public space (museums, artifacts, institutions, asylums, online exhibitions)
  • Personal narratives or creative expressions of, by, or about people with disabilities inspired by or that shed new light on disability history
  • Critical ruminations on the meaning of disability in various times and places.


3. Reflections or Methods on Teaching Disability History (500-800 words)

  • Thoughts or how-tos on teaching disability history by anyone who teaches disability history (secondary school teacher, government official, university instructor, activist or advocate, etc.).
  • Thoughts or how-tos on making any class more accessible for students.

4. Responses to Current Events (500-800 words)

  • Disability history in the news
  • Historically anchored or historically informed responses to national/international issues
  • Historically anchored or historically informed assessments of new technological/medical/cultural developments 


5. Themed Special Issues (recruitment by CFP, overseen by editors)

  • Prospective theme ideas
    • Disability and War
    • Disability History and Disability Studies: Theorising the Past
    • New Avenues in Technology: A Nexus for Disabled Identities
    • Disability Design


6. Reflections on Careers or Research

  • Thoughts from historians on why they practice or teach disability history


More information regarding submission guidelines and accessibility are available on the website Please contact the Managing Editor, Jaipreet Virdi, at if you have any additional questions!