History of Education Society Annual Meeting: Special Call for Disability Research and Panelists

Kristen Chmielewski Discussion

Special Call for Proposals! 2023 Annual Meeting, History of Education Society, November 1-5, 2023

This year the History of Education Society is committed to showcasing disability scholarship and increasing accessibility at its annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in November. The theme of this year’s conference is Beyond Resilience: Centering Joy in the Educational Tapestry. We will facilitate at least three disability-focused sessions and workshops in Atlanta: one on disability broadly within the history of education, one on academic ableism in historic and current contexts, and a workshop on accessibility in presenting and teaching. Our aim with these sessions and workshops is to encourage education historians to think more critically about the role disability plays in their own scholarship, teaching, and lives.

We especially invite disabled historians, teachers, and graduate students to participate on these panels and in these discussions. Your work is valuable and needed, and we will work with you to ensure that your access needs are met.

In lieu of a full proposal, please send a short paragraph of interest–including the topic on which you would like to present–directly to Kristen Chmielewski, chmielk@wwu.edu, and Francine Almash, falmash@gradcenter.cuny.edu, by June 5, 2023.

Please spread word about this special call for proposals for individual papers, panel sessions, or workshops that examine the history of education and disability.

Kristen and Francine Co-Chairs, HES Presidential Taskforce on Access and Inclusion