The Future of Disability Archives: Call for Participation

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I am seeking disabled people who have used archives to participate in focus groups on the future of disability representation in archives! This research is conducted by a team of disabled researchers as part of the Disability Archives Lab (at McGill University). Please share widely!

Participants need to:

  1. self-identify as disabled, 

  2. have used a physical or digital archive, special collection, or museum to research disability, 

  3. and are at least 21 years of age


If you are interested in participating, please fill out our Focus Group Recruitment FormFocus groups will involve 3-7 people and will last approximately 90-120 minutes. Participants will receive a small remuneration to partially compensate them for their time.


About the research:

Disabled people can be difficult to find in history, sometimes relegated to asylum documentation, criminal records, and medical files. Considering the abundance of such types of records that tell one side—the often partial, stereotypical, harmful side—of disability history, what might an archive look like that is built around disabled desires?

This research centers how disabled people want to see themselves in an archive through focus group conversations on the ways we (disabled people) want to be documented in history and be remembered in the future. The focus group conversations will be used to generate scholarship about disabled experiences in archives and will lay the foundation for building a community-based disability digital archive. Focus groups will involve 3-7 participants and will last approximately 90-120 minutes. I am especially interested in speaking to multiply marginalized (LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC) disabled people to discuss the complexity of archival representation. 

Please contact me, Gracen Brilmyer (McGill University) at with any questions or concerns. You can learn more about the Lab and this research on the Disability Archives Lab website.


Thank you!


Gracen Brilmyer

McGill University