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Connie L. Scarborough
Iona McCleery

McCleery on Scarborough, 'Viewing Disability in Medieval Spanish Texts: Disgraced or Graced'

Connie L. Scarborough. Viewing Disability in Medieval Spanish Texts: Disgraced or Graced. Premodern Health, Disease, and Disability Series. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2017. 252 pp. $130.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-90-8964-875-4.

Reviewed by Iona McCleery (University of Leeds) Published on H-Disability (December, 2018) Commissioned by Iain C. Hutchison (University of Glasgow)

Re: Wan on Yang, 'Mental Health in China: Change, Tradition and Therapeutic Governance'

Hi Wan, having myself reviewed Yang’s monograph earlier this year (published in The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology), I read your review and found myself perplexed by it. Here, I would not discuss what defines anthropological research or Yang's analytic strategies, which may be subject to interpretation. I will just focus on several factual statements because I think you have made a partial and distorted representation of ​Yang's​ monograph.