Medieval Humanitarian Disaster Map.

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A Medieval pictorial map describes some of the islands that lie within the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Mediterranean. The map serves three purposes: it relates the rescue story of survivors following a volcanic eriuption, it imparts physical information about the volcanic hazards, and it reveals characteristics of human beliefs relating to death and their understanding and interpretation of volcanoes at that time. The eruption began on 4th February 1444 and the map was created shortly afterwards, at the citadel of Castello Aragonese, Ischia. As such, it is an interesting historic documnet that may be useful to humaniities scholars from various disciplines. 

Two papers are available to freely download as PDFs from the linguistics website Lingbuzz. The first paper translates the humanitarian elements of the map: The second paper focuses on the volcanic hazard information:

Dr. Gerard Cheshire. University of Bristol.

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