Re: Author Interview--David K. Thomson (Bonds of War) Part 1

All of this is fascinating. I look forward to reading Professor Thompson's book.

I am sure he knows of the neglected short book by William E. Dodd: ROBERT J WALKER: IMPERIALIST (1914). (Dodd of course became FDR's first ambassador to Nazi Germany and was Howard K. Beale's undergraduate teacher. Beale developed the once famous Beale thesis that gave an economic interpretation of Reconstruction. Beale in turn was C. Vann Woodward's teacher.)

Author Interview--David K. Thomson (Bonds of War) Part 1

Hello H-CivWar Readers:

Today we feature David K. Thomson to talk about his new book, Bonds of War: How Civil War Financial Agents Sold the World on the Union, published by the University of North Carolina Press in April 2022.

David Thomson is assistant professor of history at Sacred Heart University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.

To start, Dave, how did you get interested in such a head exploding topic as bond and war finance?

Author Interview--Mark Kruger (The St. Louis Commune of 1877) Part 2

Hello H-CivWar Readers:

Today we continue our conversation with Mark Kruger to talk about his book, The St. Louis Commune of 1877: Communism in the Heartland, published by Bison Books in October 2021.

Part 1

Let's get to 1877 then. Briefly what happens and how does the St. Louis Commune fit into the story of the Railroad Strike?


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