The American Civil War on the Commons

The table below offers a collection of materials outside H-Civwar from across H-Net that are tagged "American Civil War" "Abraham Lincoln" "emancipation" "Reconstruction" "civil war" "confederacy."  We will add keywords to the harvesting engine as we refine them over time.  The listing here is not exhaustive and will inevitably contain spurious results (the Spanish Civil War, for example).


Keywords Network Post date Type
"The Psychobiography of Abraham Lincoln" - Symposium Responses and Standalone Articles American History / Studies, Abraham Lincoln, Psychohistory, Clio’s Psyche, call for papers, Slavery & Abolition, Bob Lentz, Paul Elovitz, CFP H-USA July 17, 2018 3:38pm Discussion
H-Net Review: LaFay on Asaka, 'Tropical Freedom: Climate, Settler Colonialism, and Black Exclusion in the Age of Emancipation' (x-h-diplo) Emancipation, Settler Colonialism, African American History / Studies, History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Intellectual History / History of Ideas, h-net reviews H-SHEAR July 11, 2018 11:36am Discussion
LaFay on Asaka, 'Tropical Freedom: Climate, Settler Colonialism, and Black Exclusion in the Age of Emancipation' African American History / Studies, Canadian History/Studies, slavery, Emancipation, Environmental History/Studies, Women's and Gender History/Studies, Intellectual History / History of Ideas, Book Review H-Atlantic July 7, 2018 8:47am Discussion
CFP - Association for Art History's New Voices 2018: Art and Conflict CFP (Graduate Conference), war, conflict, Art History & Visual Studies, Art, Film and Film History, Theatre & Performance History/Studies, revolutions, reconciliation, Looted art, reconstruction, Resistance, violence, Restitution, Iconoclasm H-AfrArts June 20, 2018 2:38pm Discussion
Call For Paper - Anthony Kaye Memorial Essay Award CFP (Journal), CFP, Civil War H-South June 19, 2018 2:45pm Discussion
Book announcement: Tempos de Fúria: Memórias do massacre de Homoíne [Moçambique], 18 de Julho de 1987, by Hassane Armando Mozambique, Civil War, Homoine, new book announcement H-Luso-Africa June 15, 2018 3:14pm Discussion
Dennis E. Frye Visiting Scholar of Civil War Studies - Graduate Student Scholarship Fellowship, American History / Studies, Civil War, Military History/Studies, Shepherd University’s George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Dennis E. Frye, James J. Broomall, Kevin McPartland H-USA June 6, 2018 7:02pm Discussion
Mining the Logs: Expectations of Future Misinterpretations h-law, reconstruction, Discussion, Mining the Logs H-Net 25th Anniversary Crossroads June 6, 2018 12:18pm Link
CROSS-POSTED REVIEW: H-Net Review [H-Asia]: Hudson on Lary, 'China's Civil War: A Social History, 1945-1949' review, China, Civil War, x-posted book review H-War May 30, 2018 2:18pm Discussion
X-Post: MiWSR: Shaffer on Adams, "Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War" MiWSR Reviews, book reviews, Michael C. C. Adams, Donald R. Shaffer, american civil war, x-posted book review H-War May 29, 2018 1:10pm Discussion