The Civil War Battle at Averasboro, as Experienced by the Men of the 150th NY

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The Dutchess County (New York) Historical Society (DCHS) Virtual Event Space will hold a Zoom live presentation on the Civil War Battle of Averasboro, North Carolina, on Wednesday, August 18th, at 7:00 p.m. (EST).  DCHS Board member and Dutchess Community College Professor Michael Boden will share insights and images from his studies and battlefield visitation.


Under the heading “The Civil War Battle at Averasboro:  Through the Eyes of the Dutchess County Men Who Fought and Died There,” Boden examines the battle with particular emphasis on the experiences of the men of the 150th New York State Infantry Regiment, the so-called “Dutchess County Regiment;” uniquely made up of almost exclusively County men.  He uses personal diaries, letters and official documents supplemented by scholarly material to give a very personal and intimate view of the experiences of the Regiment in the battle.  Boden will address the reasons this fight held a special pride of place for the participants, and why men of the Regiment, veterans of Gettysburg, the battles for Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea, said that “it was the longest, and in some respects, the hardest engagement our regiment was ever in.”


Dr. Boden teaches numerous history courses at Dutchess Community College, including the college’s course on Civil War America, and has led his students on visits to Antietam, South Mountain and Gettysburg.  He is a U.S. Army Veteran who taught History at the United States Military Academy, and works with the Dutchess County’s “I Served” Veterans Oral History project.


The virtual presentation is free, only requiring registration at: