Author Interview--Ana-Lucia Araujo (Slavery in the Age of Memory) Part 3

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Hello H-CivWar readers,

today we continue our multipart video interview series with Ana-Lucia Araujo. We chat about the difficulty of remembering slavery at plantations like Monticello and Mount Vernon.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ana-Lucia Araujo via Zoom. We talked about her new book Slavery in the Age of Memory
Engaging the Past
, which came out in October 2020 with Bloomsbury Academic. The interview is broken up so that you can easily use the material in class.

Ana Lucia Araujo is Professor of History at Howard University. She is the author of Public Memory of Slavery: Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic World (2010), Shadows of the Slave Past: Memory, Heritage and Slavery (2014), Brazil through French Eyes: A Nineteenth-Century Artist in Brazil (2015), and Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade: A Transnational and Comparative History (2017).

These videos are also available on this Playlist

We start with a very difficult question, how do you remember and properly address instances of master's raping their slaves, such as at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello:


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Araujo Interview 05 / Niels Eichhorn / January 20, 2021

From Monticello, we turn to Mount Vernon and a Tweet's impact about Mount Vernon selling a Washington's Teeth Fridge Magnet:


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Araujo Interview 06 / Niels Eichhorn / January 20, 2021