H-CivWar is Recruiting Review Editors

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Dear Subscribers,

H-CivWar is interested in recruiting additional Review Editors, who will commission and edit reviews of books and other scholarly materials through a formal system managed by our parent non-profit, H-Net.

There are many reasons to consider working with H-CivWar in this capacity. We have an editorial team composed of academic volunteers who support each other’s efforts and work with flexible scheduling. H-Net handles mailings and copy-editing, provides training on editorial best practices, and maintains an internal system for advice and technical support. H-Net is widely recognized as a leading forum for timely scholarly reviews, and has published over 40,000 over the last 25 years. All H-CivWar reviews circulate directly to our nearly 2,300 subscribers, are announced through H-Net This Week, and are freely accessible on the internet. Review Editors have discretion, within the bounds of editorial policies, over which books they commission reviews of and who to contact as a reviewer.

To apply to serve as a Review Editor, please email a single PDF containing the following to editorial-civwar@mail.h-net.org by Friday, August 10th. 1) Your C.V., including current contact information. 2) A description of between 250 and 400 words explaining your areas of expertise and offering a brief appraisal of your competing time commitments over the next two years.

Kind Regards,

Niels Eichhorn
Editor, H-CivWar