H-CivWar Authors’ Blog - Call for Bloggers

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Dear H-CivWar Subscribers,

I am working on a new initiative with Niels Eichhorn to develop an Authors’ Blog at H-CivWar. We’d like to see a core group of scholars who are working on book projects and who would like the opportunity to engage with H-CivWar’s academic community to write about their progress, questions, challenges, and revelations. You can be early on in a project, as I am, or well into it. I can sketch out the ground rules in more detail to interested parties, but some key details are that authors don’t have to reveal their sources unless they want to and that individual contributors will aim to post steadily once every two months or so. The aim is for substantive engagement and a touch of extra self-motivation. I’d love to see a variety of contributors who reflect our capacious, diverse field of study. Please think about dropping Niels and I a line at dmprior@unm.edu and eichhorn.niels@gmail.com with a few words about yourself and your current project. 

Best wishes, 

David Prior
Associate Professor of History
University of New Mexico