Author Interview--Megan Kate Nelson (The Three-Cornered War) Part 1

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Hello H-CivWar readers,

today we start a five-part video interview series with Megan Kate Nelson. This series will continue with two videos per week every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

On November 9, I had the opportunity to interview Megan Kate Nelson at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association in Louisville, KY. We talked about her forthcoming new book The Three-Cornered War: The Union, the Confederacy, and Native Peoples in the Fight for the West, which will come out in February with Scribner. The interview is broken up so that you can easily use the material in class if you like.

Megan Kate Nelson has a B.A. in History and Literature from Harvard and a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Iowa. Besides Three-Cornered War, she has also published Ruin Nation: Destruction and the American Civil War (2012) and Trembling Earth: A Cultural History of the Okefenokee Swamp (2005).

Opening with author introduction and icebreaker question:


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MeganKNelson Interview1 / Niels Eichhorn / January 22, 2020


Question about the book's argument:


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MeganKNelson Interview2(corrected) / Niels Eichhorn / January 22, 2020