JCWE Special Issue on Federalism in the Civil War Era--Now Available!

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The Journal of the Civil War Era is pleased to announce that our December 2019 special issue on federalism is now available! If you are interested in a brief synopsis of the articles in the issue, check out the editor's note by Rachel Shelden, on our blog, Muster

It can be accessed via Project Muse or through subscription (visit the Society of Civil War Historians website). Here's the table of contents:

Laura F. Edwards, “The Legal World of Elizabeth Bagby’s Commonplace Book: Federalism, Women, and Governance”

Matthew Karp, “The People’s Revolution of 1856: Antislavery Populism, National Politics, and the Emergence of the Republican Party”

Jack Furniss, “Devolved Democracy: Federalism and the Party Politics of the Late Antebellum North”

William A. Blair, “Vagabond Voters and Racial Suffrage in Jacksonian-Era Pennsylvania”

Kate Masur, “State Sovereignty and Migration before Reconstruction”

Frank Towers, “The Threat of Consolidation: States’ Rights and American Discourses of Nation and Empire in the Nineteenth Century”

There are also a number of book reviews on recent scholarship by Amy Murrell Taylor, Loren Schweninger, Jennifer Graber, David Blight, Peter Carmichael, Caitlin Rosenthal, Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers, Paul Taylor, Joan E. Cashin, Millington Burgeson-Lockwood, Nina Silber, Ethan Kytle and Blain Roberts, as well as reviews of edited volumes by Joan E. Cashin, Andrew S. Bledsoe and Andrew F. Lang, and Robert M. Sandow.