Deadline 10/15 - Graduate Student Luncheon at the 2019 Southern Historical Association Conference

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The Graduate Student Luncheon (Friday, November 8 at 11:45 am) is an annual Association event made possible by a bequest from John and LaWanda Cox. This year’s Graduate Student Luncheon at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, will explore several themes, including: teaching in the digital age; publishing manuscripts; becoming a public historian; and doing digital history. Graduate students will choose their preferred topic and be seated with relevant experts from a variety of backgrounds for intense, small group discussions. To ensure that groups cohere, and because space is limited, SHA’s graduate student council asks that interested graduate students preregister for the luncheon by sending a short (150-200 word) abstract on their topic of choice and their CV to by October 15. Registrants are encouraged to rank their table choices from the list below. Participants must be members of the Southern Historical Association. Professors, editors, and other professionals in history who are interested in providing advice to graduate students on any of these topics are also invited to sign up for the luncheon. Please follow the SHA Graduate Council on Twitter for updates:

  1. Hilary Green (University of Alabama) – “Curating and Teaching Hard History”
  2. Diane Miller Sommerville (Binghamton University) – “Writing Southern History”
  3. Karen Cox (UNC Charlotte) – “Engaging Public Audiences”
  4. Randal Hall (Editor, Journal of Southern History / Rice University) – “Publishing in Academic Journals” 
  5. Nicholas Cox (Houston Community College) – “Teaching in Community Colleges”
  6. Joseph Thomson (Mississippi State) “Podcasting”
  7. Mick Gusinde-Duffy (The University of Georgia Press) –  “Publishing Your Dissertation Manuscript” 
  8. Sarah Silkey (Lycoming College) – “Teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges” 
  9. Candace Cunningham (Brown Fellow in Public History) – “Becoming a Public Historian”