Document Reader for CW/Recon lecture course

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Dear H-Civil War,

For several years I have very happily used the William Gienapp document reader from Norton for a 200 person lecture course.  But suddenly Norton tells me and my university bookstore that they are no longer carrying it.  Period.  Yikes!  What other similar document collections have you used and liked?  Please share!  

All best wishes,

Rosanne Currarino

Queen's University 

Kinston, ON 

I have used both
The Civil War Era: An Anthology of Sources
by Lyde Cullen-Sizer (Editor), Jim Cullen

Major Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction (Major Problems in American History Series) 3rd Edition
edited by Michael Perman and Amy Murrell Taylor (the latter editor is left off of the Amazon site.....)

both are available in paperback

Thank you very much!