SHA 2017 Graduate Student Luncheon Registration

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This year’s annual luncheon will seat graduate students with a scholar in an allied field for an intense small-group discussion of academic branding, professional networking, social media management, ways to pitch to publishers, and more. Confirmed scholars include Karen Cox (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Judith Giesberg (Villanova University), Lesley J. Gordon (University of Alabama), Max Krochmal (Texas Christian University), Megan Kate Nelson (Independent Scholar), Rebecca Sharpless (Texas Christian University), Andrew J. Torget (University of North Texas), James Tuten (Juniata College), and Ben Wright (University of Texas at Dallas). To participate, please preregister by emailing a short abstract (150–250 words) detailing your research interests. The Graduate Student Council will do their best to assign students to groups with similar interests. Participants must be members of the Southern Historical Association and registered for the conference. Preregistration email due by October 13 to