TOC: The Civil War Monitor (Winter 2022)

Terry Johnston Discussion


Mayhem at the Mule Shoe
How a battle-tested brigade of South Carolinians helped stave off disaster for the Army of Northern Virginia at Spotsylvania
By Jeffry D. Wert

No Stranger to Violence
Ardent abolitionist James Montgomery earned admirers and courted controvery as he blazed an uncompromising path through the Civil War.
By Colin Edward Woodward

Gettysburg, Readdressed
Since 1863, when Abraham Lincoln delivered his iconic speech at Gettysburg, seven presidents and one vice president have traveled to the historic town to speak about the legacy of the Civil War.
By Cecily N. Zander


Editorial: Mule Shoe Melee

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Voices: Army Stragglers
          Preservation: Your Voice Makes a Difference
          Faces of War: Trick Photography
          Figures: In the Line of Duty
          Cost of War: A General's Archive Earns Well
          In Focus: The Bridge at Berlin


          Fighting Words: "Skylark," by Ben Roy

           Crossroads: Nathan Bedford Forrest at Franklin, by Andrew S. Bledsoe

Books & Authors

              The Best Civil War Books of 2022
With Cecily Zander, Jennifer M. Murray, Brian Matthew Jordan, Gerald J. Prokopowicz, and
               Kevin M. Levin

  Parting Shot: Lincoln's Laboratory