Academica Press, a leading independent non-fiction publisher, is proud to call for manuscripts from dynamic scholars at all levels seeking to publish cutting edge work that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries and provocatively revisits conventional topics. New publications will ideally be devoted to eclectic and under-explored issues and make imaginative uses of theory and method.

TOC: The Civil War Monitor (Fall 2018)

TOC: The Civil War Monitor, Vol. 8, No. 3 (Fall 2018)

Building the Perfect Army
What if you could create the ideal Civil War fighting force? Five top historians take their shot.
With Lorien Foote, Brian Matthew Jordan, Jennifer Murray, Ethan S. Rafuse, and Brooks D. Simpson

"Death Comes to Us by Many a Way"
A look at the fatal dangers that Civil War soldiers, sailors, and civilians faced away from the battlefield.
By Brian Steel Wills

Call for Contributors

Hello all! This is a general call for contributors and columnists for the Cato Institute’s Libertarianism.org, where I am the Editor for History. We are accepting contributions on a wide range of subjects touching the history of classical liberalism and radical libertarianism, from straightforward political and intellectual history to individualist cultural and social history. We place no limitations on time period or geographical location, though we do have a particular interest in expanding our coverage of non-western history.


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