In Search of a Panelist for SCWH 2020

My name is Melissa DeVelvis and I am a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of South Carolina, studying gender and secession in South Carolina, 1860-1861. I am hoping to put together a panel for SCWH 2020 focusing on imagined disunion and Civil War in the South. My own paper will examine South Carolina women's apocalyptic predictions of war and disunion in the months before and after Lincoln's election. Brian Neumann, a PhD candidate in History at the University of Virginia, will be presenting on imagined disunion and war in the 1830s during the nullification crisis. 

Call for Chapter Authors: "Everything Wrong with the Presidents"

Hello all, I'm writing to you in hopes that many of you will join me and a growing list of authors for the latest Cato Institute book project, Everything Wrong with the Presidents (https://www.libertarianism.org/everything-wrong-presidents)We launched this project last month and are gradually expanding our search for authors to keep the contributions coming.


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