Call for Applications: ICSI Seminars with NOAM CHOMSKY, SASKIA SASSEN, & EYAL WEIZMAN

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Call for Applications: ICSI Seminars with NOAM CHOMSKY, SASKIA SASSEN, & EYAL WEIZMAN


The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI) at the New School for Social Research is pleased to announce that we are now accepting fellowship applications for our 2020 Summer Seminars (June 7—13, 2020). Advanced graduate students and faculty are eligible to apply. Applications are due December 15, 2019.

In 2020, we are delighted to have the following Faculty convening seminars: 

NOAM CHOMSKY(University of Arizona/MIT) will lead the seminar "Teetering on the Brink: Will Civilization Long Survive?”

SASKIA SASSEN(Columbia University) will lead the seminar “Expulsions: The Rise of Extractive Logics in our Economies and Societies."

EYAL WEIZMAN(Goldsmiths, University of London) will lead the seminar “Forensis.” 

Each of these scholars will teach a weeklong seminar. In each seminar, the three-hour morning sessions are devoted to critical reflection on and discussions around the seminar’s topical focus with readings provided in advance. The afternoon workshops, organized by the Fellows themselves, are devoted to presentations of and critical exchanges around each Fellow's current research or extended readings from the morning’s discussions. On Saturday, the entire cohort of Fellows meet jointly for an Open Forum, where the Faculty and Fellows discuss our diverse visions of what “critique” and “disobedience” require today, themes that cut across the seminars' common concerns and current events and help shape the design of ICSI. 


We encourage you to apply today!

Charles A. McDonald / Managing Director, Institute for Critical Social Inquiry
The New School for Social Research
Samuel W. and Goldye Marian Spain Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University