New TOC: Democratic Theory (Vol. 5, Issue 1)

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The articles in this issue of Democratic Theory range from an investigation of civic-political and cognitive participation as they play out in democratic theory to an analysis of the power of spectatorship in the democratic world. An interview with John B. Min and Jason Stanley on propaganda in liberal democratic societies follows. This issue concludes with a series of research notes.


Volume 5, Issue 1



Jean-Paul Gagnon and Mark Chou


Epistocracy and Democratic Participation in a Post-Truth World

Peter Standbrink


War without Citizens: Memorialization, War, and Democracy in the United States

Stephen J. Rosow


The Cold War Origins of the "Crisis of Democracy"

Kyong-Min Son


Breaking Barriers and Coded Language: Watching Politics of Race at the Ballpark

Thomas D. Bunting


Interview: Propaganda's Role in Liberal Democratic Societies

Jason Stanley and John B. Min


Research Note

2,234 Descriptions of Democracy: An Update to Democracy's Ontological Pluralism

Jean-Paul Gagnon


Online Supplement A

Jean-Paul Gagnon


Online Supplement B

Jean-Paul Gagnon


Online Supplement C

Jean-Paul Gagnon


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