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Volunteering with H-Nationalism

H-Nationalism is eager to collaborate with scholars in our field of study. If you haven't done so, please take time to acquaint yourself with our various activities, including the discussions on our main page and the projects available there and on our Resources Page. We are always eager to correspond ( with scholars who believe they might be interested in volunteering, so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. 

Open Positions

We are particularly interested in taking on scholars who can help develop the following projects and initiatives. 

Conference Collaborations: this project would feature an editor who can focus on reaching out to conference and panel organizers to encourage them to work with us on conference reports, blog posts based on panels, and related content of interest to our subscribers. 

Reading Groups: with an emphasis on facilitating the organization of self-directed reading groups that report to our readers based on these guidelines

Announcements: which involves searching H-Announce for relevant CfPs and related content and circulating it to our subscribers. The work is light and can be particularly helpful to junior scholars looking to gain a broad view of the field of nationalism studies. 

Subscriber Engagement: with an emphasis on approving new subscribers who have filled out their user profiles and contacting one subscriber per month about their research and teaching interests and producing a short interview with them about the same. 

Book Review Editors: with an emphasis on commissioning, editing and publishing reviews through H-Net's official process, especially for fields not currently covered. We would particularly like to deepen our coverage of Africa and Asia, but welcome discussions about any geographic, disciplinary, or thematic specialization.  

Digital Methods: with an emphasis on tracking and cataloging developments in digital methods and projects. This can include building a separate page as part of our Resources Tab, conducting interviews with scholars, and circulating interesting links to our subscribers. 

Dissertation Interviews: a position focused on holding and publishing interviews with graduate students about their work, with our Dissertations and Theses in Progress page as a useful reference tool. 

General Information

Our Staff

H-Nationalism is made possible by our wonderful all-volunteer academic staff. This includes graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, independent scholars, and faculty members from multiple academic disciplines and from across the globe.  Together, these volunteers make it possible for us to commission and publish book reviews and blog posts, interview fellow scholars, circulate queries and announcements, track new publications, develop our syllabus database and online bibliography, and maintain a page listing major resources for nationalism scholars. 


Volunteering for H-Nationalism has multiple benefits, including the opportunity to collaborate, design and build projects, and help shape our field of study. Because H-Nationalism relies on an all-volunteer staff, we do our best to design projects that scholars can develop incrementally based on their schedules. It is one of our highest priorities that all of our volunteer staff find their labor on our behalf to be intellectually and professionally rewarding.  


If you are interested in joining our volunteer staff, please note that we require that all volunteers: 1) have regular internet access; 2) can read and write English fluently; 3) can work collaboratively with other scholars as well as independently of them; 4) remain in regular communication with the rest of our staff via email; and 5) are active in our field of study.  


A brief breakdown of how we organize our labor, based in large part on the terminology of our parent non-profit academic organization, H-Net, is as follows. 

Contributors: are scholars interested in a specific project that does not necessarily entail a long-term commitment to working with H-Nationalism. Scholars might, for example, seek to develop a month-long discussion about a major topic or commission a brief series of blog posts. 

Network Editors: are scholars, including graduate students, who help us circulate queries and announcements, cultivate online discussion, maintain our resources page, develop our existing projects, and perform many other important tasks.  

Review Editors: are scholars (Ph.d. required) who are in charge of running our book reviews program in consultation with our Advisory Board. Review Editors use H-Net’s online reviews management system to commission and edit reviews of relevant books within their own areas of expertise. H-Net provides copy-editing support.  

Advisory Board Members: are typically more established scholars who help H-Nationalism set policies, develop long-term goals, and develop projects. Although we rarely receive complaints, board members are also in charge or mediate disputes, as per H-Net guidelines.