Guidelines for Contributing to Vistas

H-Nationalism’s scholarly group blog, Vistas, provides a forum for informed discussion of scholarship, teaching, current events, and public engagement. Posts to Vistas go to our over 3,000 subscribers via email and are publicly viewable on the web. All comments on our posts are subject to pre-publication oversight by a trained and certified editor, diminishing the risk of trolling, baiting, and other negative behaviors broadly associated with the internet. Vistas runs alongside with, and sometimes overlaps with, several other ongoing projects at H-Nationalism, including our Reading Groups, Question of the Month series, and topical threads.

How to Contribute: 

Scholars interested in contributing to the blog through a guest post or on a regular basis should note the following.

- Our audience is overwhelmingly academic in nature, so they'll read posts closely (at least when the topic aligns with their interests) and value complexity and nuance.

- H-Net (H-Nationalism's parent non-profit) does not generate revenue off of Vistas or any H-Nationalism content. H-Net uses the Creative Commons 3 Copy-Right agreement, which allows for the free circulation of information for non-commercial purposes. This means you can blog something for us and repost it elsewhere, or draw from it in subsequent publications, without having to ask. The converse does not apply—if you publish something somewhere else first, you should not re-post it to Vistas.

- Our system can handle images, but we always ask that you make sure that you in fact have the right (under copy right) to republish. H-Net is much more concerned with upholding other peoples' copyright than are many other online organizations.

- We ask the Vistas contributors stay in touch with each other and our main account ( about scheduling and that they read each other’s posts.

- Posts should ideally be between 500 and 1,000 words and should state their topic as clearly as possible upfront.

- H-Nationalism’s editors reserve the right to withdraw a scholar’s ability to post to our blog on scholarly or professional grounds.

If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us with a short email and a current C.V. at


How to Post if You're a Contributor to Vistas:

If H-Nationalism's editors have made you a "blogger" in our system, you can post to Vistas by using the following steps.

1) Make sure you are logged into your H-Net account.

2) Go to this page:

3) Click on the orange button that says "Add a Blog Post."

4) In the page the opens up, select the blog name "Vistas."

5) Type in a title for your blog posts--ideally something precise but short.

6) Copy the text of your blog from the word processing program you composed it in and paste it into the main text box.

7) Write a quick header at the top of your blog post saying something to the effect of: 

In this post to H-Nationalism's group blog, Vistas, _____your name_____ addresses ______one-sentence description of your topic_____.

8) Proofread your blog post after you have copied it over to make sure there are not final typos and no formatting errors introduced by copy-and-paste. 

9) Add a few keywords to the bar beneath the main text box-- just aim for a few choice words that reflect the content of your post.

10) You'll need to select "blog post" from under "Item" in the category field. 

11) Click "Preview" to give the post one more look-over.

12) Click "Save," which will publish your post to our main page and prepare it for circulation to our subscribers via our email notification system. 

If you have any questions along the way, remember that you can contact our main editorial email address ( and H-Net's Help Destk ( with any questions.