Project Proposals and Partnerships

H-Nationalism welcomes subscribers—including scholars, teachers, public academics, independent scholars, and scholarly organizations and societies—to propose to collaborate with our network. H-Nationalism offers many advantages to academics looking for a venue for scholarly communication and production. Our network rests on a versatile online platform, the H-Net Commons, intended for academic use in line with best practices. We can host blog series, image libraries, photo essays, timelines, GIS-indexed maps, and more. We do not charge fees, sell user data, or engage in advertising. H-Nationalism is run by an all-volunteer editorial team that combines regular collaboration with flexible scheduling and the ability to work independently. All of our content is subject to editorial oversight, is published on an open-access model, and circulates directly to our 3,000+ subscribers using an email notification system.

Interested parties should feel welcomed to contact us at for an informal conversation. Scholars may also proceed directly to proposing, in roughly 250 words, to tackle a discrete project, such as a six-month-long blog series or a conference collaboration featuring a report. In such proposals, please make sure to indicate a timeline and a pragmatic appraisal of how you and/or your team will complete the project. Please include a C.V. with your proposal. Scholars may also inquire about the possibility of developing a non-financial partnership with our network, featuring a reciprocal exchange of clickable logos and a designated page on our network for announcements, panel organization, and related academic matters.