Who We Are

H-Nationalism is an academic network managed by an international crew of volunteer editors. We publish content and facilitate moderated discussion using The Commons, a digital platform developed by our non-profit parent organization, H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online. This page acknowledges the superb work that our volunteers do on the behalf of the field of nationalism studies. Our staff consists of regular Contributors, Network Editors, Review Editors, and our Advisory Board. Scholars of any rank who are interested in contributing to H-Nationalism are invited to view our Join our Crew page. 

Our Network Editors manage our main page on a daily basis and help produce academic content. Justin Collier runs our Weekend Reading series and helped build our page on digital projects and scholarship. offers regular updates on new publications in nationalism studies and has long provided advice about our group’s development. Emmanuel Dalle Mulle of the Graduate Institute, Geneva,has managed several blog series for us and contributes to our Weekend Reading series. Nisrine Rahal has developed our Twitter profile.  

Several scholars contribute their hard work and expertise to run our Reviews program. In addition to contributing to our Weekend Reading series, Cristian Cercel covers reviews of nationalism and ethnicity in Central and Eastern Europe. Krisztina Lajosi-Moore is building our reviews program on cultural nationalism in Europe, as Evan Rothera is our program on the Americas.

We are grateful for the several scholars on our Advisory Board who help guide the development of our network. Joep Leerssen of the University of Amsterdam, coordinates our collaboration with the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalism. Jill Vickers, emeritus of Carleton University, offer us her expertise on nationalism and gender studies, as well as several other topics. Brian Girvin of the University of Glasgow has contributed his expertise on secessionism, minority politics, and Brexit.  David Prior of the University of New Mexico manages H-Nationalism.

We also need to thank several alumni for their earlier contributions. For serving as List/Network Editors, we thank Nassef Manabilang Adiong, Ian Binnington, Jennifer Cheng, Marharyta Fabrykant, Sarah Mak, Eric Rose, and Eric Zuelow.  For helping to run our reviews program, we thank Ari Ariel, Eric Limbach, and Paul Quigley.  For serving on our Advisory Board at our launch, we thank Susan Mary-Grant, Marco Pamplona, Natividad Gutiérrez Chong, and especially Don Doyle of the University of South Carolina, who launched H-Nationalism in 2006. William Kissane of the London School of Economics served on our board, developing a series of detailed, in-person interviews with nationalism scholars. Regular contributors have included Kit Man (Weekend Reading) and Steve Marti (WWI Centennial). We also have to thank the several scholars who have reviewed books, contributed blog posts, and participated in discussions on our main page.  Thanks!