Conference Program: Alternative States: Cities, Companies, and Corporations (Durham NC, May 3-4)

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*Alternative States: Cities, Companies, and Corporations*

Borderwork(s) Humanities Lab

FHI, Bay 5, Smith Warehouse

Duke University


*Saturday, May 3

9:30-10 Introductions*

Mark Peterson (UC Berkeley)

Phil Stern (Duke)

*10-12 Session I*

Chair: Ed Balleisen (Duke)

Will Pettigrew (University of Kent), “English Corporate Structure and the 

Refraction and Reflection of Governance”

Helen Paul (Southampton University), “Quasi-public enterprises which 

Visiting Faculty in Cultural Anthropology

College of the Atlantic seeks a full-time visiting faculty member in Cultural Anthropology to teach a wide range of classes in anthropology, ethnographic research methods, and social theory. This is a fixed one year replacement position for the 2014-2015 academic year. We are especially interested in faculty whose work intersects with the study of religion(s) and religious practices and who could teach one to two courses in those areas.

Workshop at Princeton University: The Perils and Promises of Self-Determination in the Twenty-First Century

The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination will sponsor a colloquium, “The Perils and Promises of Self-Determination in the Twenty-First Century” on April 28-29, 2014 at Princeton University. Fifteen leading scholars on self-determination will participate in the discussions.

Gender, Migration and Citizenship: Revisiting Southeast Asian International Marriages


In the current context of economic crisis, international marriages and family-related migrations are becoming increasingly restricted in many developed countries in the Global North, whereas countries in the Global South are adopting measures to protect local women from the trafficking and sexual exploitation that may arise from international marriages. These regulations of the “marriage market” pose challenges to single men and women looking for partners of a different nationality and for bi-national couples pursuing a family-formation project.


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