CfP: "Mainstreaming the Extreme," Intesections. East European Journal of Society and Politics

Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics is a peer reviewed journal which promotes multidisciplinary, comparative and critical thinking on Eastern and Central European societies in a global context. The journal publishes research with international relevance and encourages comparative analysis both within the region and with other parts of the world. The journal publishes thematic issues and individual papers analysing various countries and regions across disciplines, concentrating on political science, sociology, social anthropology and minority studies.


Hi All,

I’m writing from Women Make Movies, the leading nonprofit distributor of films by and about women. I thought the members of this network would be interested in our newest release, MULBERRY CHILD, a captivating educational resource that Roger Ebert calls a “powerful and touching film, 3 ½ ***s.” MULBERRY CHILD is a fantastic addition to classrooms, organizations and libraries focused on literature, history, Asian & Chinese Studies and family studies.


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