Weekend Reading 12/01/2017

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Dear All,

The Atlantic published an article on the banality of white nationalism. Financial Times has an article on how economic nationalism can lead the US and China into a conflict. The Salt Lake Tribune has a story on the backlash faced by the New York Times over a recent story profiling a White nationalist. The New York Times has a response to that criticism. Huffington Post has a story on Miami’s White nationalist problem. The Republic has a story on an Indiana Republican’s campaign that fired an aide affiliated with the white nationalist movement. Quartz has an opinion piece on sexual misconduct and the new nationalism.

The Economic Times has a story on recent comments made by a legislator about the danger populist nationalism poses to economic growth in India. Times of India has a story on recent comments made by actress Shabana Azmi on the arts and nationalism. The Atlantic has a story on the politicizing of the Taj Mahal by Hindu nationalists.

Forbes has an op-ed on how to turn a profit on Chinese nationalism.

Politico has a piece on de-escalation plans in Catalonia.

EurekAlert has an article on a recent study that finds nationalism associated with international sporting events may increase international conflict.


Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier