Some Resources on the War against Ukraine

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Dear H-Nationalism Subscribers, 

I would like to thank Dr. Andrea Orzoff of New Mexico State University for agreeing to share the following list of information sources re. the conflict. She initially compiled it with an eye to sharing with students, but also graciously agreed to share it here on the principle that many of our readers may find it helpful (especially since many have their own students). Thanks! 

Readers are welcomed to contribute suggestions for additional readings through the reply feature, with all comments subject to pre-publication moderation, as per usual. 

H-Nationalism still welcomes emails from scholars wishing to help the field assess the conflict in the context of nationalism studies, or to simply further compile readings. 

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The Russian Attack on Ukraine, February 2022 

I have focused on high-quality English-language sources that do not require subscriptions, in hopes it will be useful to our students.  

News in Russia, in English:  

            -- Meduza 

            -- Novaya Gazeta 

News on Ukraine, in English: 


            -- the New Voice of Ukraine 

            -- the Kyiv Independent 

            -- Business Ukraine 

            -- Ukraine World, 

European news, in English: 

            -- Der Spiegel (requires free registration) 

            -- Deutsche Welle, 

            -- BBC 

            -- Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: 

US news sources: 

            -- National Public Radio   

            -- New York Times, specifically this interactive map (possible paywall): 

Free article collection(s) on Ukraine and post-Cold War Eastern Europe: 

            Pulitzer Center: 

            JSTOR Daily 

            Nationalities Papers: 

            Communist and Post-Communist Studies 

            Financial Times: 

Twitter accounts to follow, in no particular order, not exhaustive:  

-- useful curated Twitter-list, presenting general news on the attack: 


            -- Victoria Smolkin, 

            -- Steven Seegel,   

            -- Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon, 

            -- Sophie Pinkham, 

            -- Paul Goode, 

            -- Serhii Plokhy, 

            -- Nina Jankowicz, disinformation researcher   

            -- Adam Tooze, https://adamtooze.substack.com   

            -- Timothy Snyder, https://snyder.substack.com   

            -- Oxana Shevel,   

            -- Dominique Arel, 

            -- Andreas Umland, 

            -- Taras Kuzio, 

            -- John Vsetecka, 

            -- Maria Popova, 

            -- Emily Channell-Justice, 


            -- Jane Lytvynenko, 

            -- Kevin Rothrock, editor at Meduza: 

            -- Evan Gershkovich (Wall Street Journal) 

            -- Shaun Walker (Guardian), 

            -- Emmanuel Grynspan (Le Monde), 

            -- National Public Radio reporters in Ukraine:  

                        -- Tim Mak   

                        -- Frank Langfitt 

                        -- Eleanor Beardsley 

            -- Christopher Miller, Buzzfeed News: 

            -- Anton Troianovski, NYT 

            -- Terrell J Starr, 



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And I should add, for what it's worth, anyone on the internet should be able to search and browse H-Net's main Reviews page for keywords like "Putin" and "Ukraine." Since H-Net has publised over 40,000 academic book reviews, its main reviews repository can be a treasure trove for those looking for further readings that can provide deep context. 

The following search for "Putin" returns over 100 reviews, although of course a few look to be false positives: