Weekend Reading 01/21/2022

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Politico has a story covering the secession threats and nationalism impacting Bosnia. 

Harper's Magazine published an article about how Xi Jinping is remaking Chinese nationalism.

The New York Times (paysite) published a story about The January 6 Congressional Panel investigating the assault on the US Capitol seeking information from two leaders of the “America First” extremist movement. The Texas Tribune has a story covering a Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate who refuses to sack a staffer tied to the white nationalist movement. Salon also has a story on the Texas candidate for governor’s refusal to fire his staffer choosing instead to blame cancel culture.  The Nation has an op-ed piece looking at how to address Christian nationalism in the US. NPR has a story that focuses on the spread of Christian nationalism in churches around the country. Foreign Policy has an opinion article looking at how President Biden became a nationalist by necessity. Psychology Today has an opinion article discussing how views on race may help explain differing perspectives among Christians.

CTV News Edmonton has a piece covering recent comments made by a Canadian political leader that rapid test nationalism is contributing to procurement difficulties. 

The Week has an article on the auctioning of rare first editions of books on nationalism, freedom struggle by Nehru, Gandhi.  The Economic Times has an article about recent comments made by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that his BJP party prioritized development, good governance, and nationalism as the core of its agenda. NBC News has a story about increased threats to kill Muslims by Hindu extremists in India. Al Jazeera published a story about a Hindu monk in India being charged about his call for ‘genocide’ of Muslims. 

Balkan Insight has an article on the right-wing AUR party in Romania pushing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial as a way to appeal to new voters.

Eurasianet has a story about increasing pressure piling on the nationalist opposition party in Kyrgyzstan.




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