MA Scholarships in Nationalism Studies

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Call for applications

Scholarships are available for:

- 1-year MA degree program in Nationalism Studies
- 2-year MA degree program in Nationalism Studies 

The Nationalism Studies Program at the Central European University (CEU) is accredited in the USA and in Hungary. Our students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the theories of nationalism as well as the main concepts and debates in ethnicity, ethnic conflict, self-determination, prejudice, minority protection, citizenship, multiculturalism and federalism. By the end of their studies, students understand the contextual nature of nationalist movements and rhetoric, and are able to contrast cases through comparative institutional, historical, empirical and/or discourse analysis. They understand the role of international actors in the development of nationalist movements and, conversely, the role of nationalist politics in international relations and intra-state ethnic conflict.

We welcome applications from students with a BA diploma in any of the following fields: Sociology, Political Science, History, Legal Studies, Economics, International Studies, Foreign Language, Liberal Arts, Anthropology or Media Studies. 

If you want to join an international group of students, to study with internationally renowned professors apply now.

Recurrent visiting faculty includes: Shlomo Avineri, Florian Bieber, Rogers Brubaker, Christian Joppke, Will Kymlicka and Michael Stewart.

Resident faculty includes: András Kovács, Mária M. Kovács, Michael Laurence Miller, Antal Örkény, András László Pap, Anton Pelinka, Szabolcs Pogonyi, Júlia Szalai and Luca Váradi.

Graduates of our program either continue their studies in PhD programs or find employment at international organizations and companies (e.g. EU, UN, European Social Fund Agency) or NGOs (e.g. Helsinki Federation, MONA, OSI, HRSI)

Degree programs offered:

  • Nationalism Studies Program MA (One-year)
  • Nationalism Studies Program MA (Two-year)
  • PhD Minor in Nationalism Studies - Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations

The program also offers an interdisciplinary specialization in Jewish studies as a complement to the master's degrees.

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Financial Aid:

Scholarships and tuition waivers are available. The acceptance rate is one in four.

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Application deadline: February 01, 2018, 23:59  (PST)