Weekend Reading 12/03/2021

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The National has an article about recent comments made by economist Elisenda Paluzie comparing PM Boris Johnson to old Spanish nationalists. The Irish Times has an article about recent comments made by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald asserting that Brexit is ‘a product of narrow English nationalism’ and that people in Ireland are 'living in the dying days' of partition. Irish News has a story about comments made by historian Brian Feeney that dismisses claims that a nationalist majority would trigger a border poll. New Statesman has an op-ed discussing what Scottish nationalists can learn from Wales.

South China Morning Post published a story about retailer Canada Goose facing mounting Chinese nationalist backlash after claims of double standards over a no-refunds policy. The Japan Times (paysite) has a story on how China’s rising nationalism is complicating President Xi Jinping’s climate ambitions. Global Voices has an interview with a media scholar focusing on techno-nationalism and the Chinese diaspora's loyalty to the social media platform WeChat.

Al Jazeera has an article about how India’s Hindu nationalist surge is impacting interfaith love in the country. Livemint has an opinion thought piece discussing what India’s first nationalist, Dadabhai Naoroji, would think of the country today. 

Wall Street Journal published a piece about nationalist French talk-show host Éric Zemmour launching his presidential campaign to unseat Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election.

The Times has an opinion piece penned by former UK Conservative MP William Hague arguing that nationalism is irrelevant in a world where crises will only be solved by international cooperation. 

New York Post published a story about members of the far-right group Proud Boys marching through the streets and disrupting shoppers in New York City. MSNBC (video) has a commentary piece by Rev. Al Sharpton addressing white supremacy and 'civilly accountability' for hate crimes in America.

The Sentinel Assam has a story about the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) holding a protest rally as ethnic nationalism in Pakistan soars.




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