Weekend Reading 10/15/2021

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World News Group has an article on claims that Hindu nationalists use anti-conversion laws to target Christian communities in India. The Indian Express (paysite) has an opinion piece arguing that opposition parties must speak up and assert civic nationalism against intolerant nationalism. CBN News has a piece covering Christians being attacked during a church service by Hindu nationalists in India.

Reuters has an article about how Russian nationalists ransacking slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov’s memorial in order to protest a visit by a senior U.S. official. 

NPR has a commentary piece discussing Indigenous Peoples Day, Columbus Day, and collective memory in the US. 

Balkan Insight has an article about leaders meeting at the Non-Aligned Summit criticizing the accumulation of COVID-19 vaccines by Western countries and calling for more solidarity. 

Mining MX published an article on recent comments made by Gold Fields CEO, Chris Griffith claiming that resource nationalism is to blame for declining rates of exploration spending in Africa.

OC Media published an op-ed discussing eco-nationalism in Azerbaijan.

Code Blue has an article about recent comments made by an infectious disease expert arguing that vaccine nationalism could lead to mutations in unvaccinated parts of the global population.




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