Weekend Reading 06/18/2021

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NPR has a story about the recent march of Israeli nationalists through Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem. NBC also has an article on the controversial march through Jerusalem. VOA published an article looking at how the march could impact the Israel- Palestinian cease-fire

MSNBC has a video discussion with 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones about critical race theory being potentially banned in over 20 states. Statesman Journal published a story on a recent statewide survey Oregon that reports four in 10 Oregonians agree with statements that reflect core arguments of white nationalists and other far-right groups. Raw Story has a piece looking at Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano and the growing power of Christian nationalism in the GOP.

The Guardian published an opinion piece arguing that an internationalist approach is necessary to address vaccine nationalism.

Quartz has a story about the death of the former president of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda who is viewed by some as the last of the giants of 20th century African nationalism.

Hurriyet Daily News has an article about recent comments made by Turkish President Erdoğan warning against “vaccine nationalism”.

NBC Sports has a story about Austrian footballer Marko Arnautovic being banned one game at EURO 2020 for insulting opponents with nationalist insults.

Express UK has a story on recent comments made by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown urging the Scottish Labour to be a party of social justice and solidarity instead of moving towards ‘hatred or resentment of others.'

AP has a story about Poland’s ruling nationalist party suffering a loss in a mayoral race in a Polish city.

Global Trade Magazine published a story about the Argentinian government’s decision to establish a 30-day ban on the exportation of meat in the name of ‘meat nationalism’.




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