Weekend Reading 05/14/2021

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The Economist (paysite) has an article on the Scottish Nationalist Party’s victory in the recent Scottish elections. The Irish Times (paysite) has an op-ed arguing that the recent Scottish election result is not good news for Irish nationalists. FT has an op-ed arguing that PM Boris Johnson must stop competing with nationalists and instead move to review the UK’s constitutional compact to end the stand-off over independence and save Scotland. Time has an article on the election outcome and what it means for Scottish independence. The Spectator published an op-ed on a Welsh Labour Party politician’s quiet Welsh nationalism

FP has an opinion piece written by a former Trump administration official that Biden’s ‘America First’ policies are spreading global pain. The New Yorker has a story covering a Republican state senator from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the rise of Christian nationalism in the US. Chattanooga Times Free Press (paysite) has a piece covering recent comments made by the mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee vowing not to tolerate white nationalism on its police force. Reason published an opinion article claiming that nationalist conservatives are abandoning the ideas of liberty.

NBC News has a story about how Chinese nationalists weaponized 'anti-China' accusations to silence feminists. The Washington Post (paysite) has an opinion article about China's 'wolf warrior' diplomats and their ‘tough’ rhetoric. 

Radio Free Europe has a piece looking at how right-wing populists in Romania are using the illegal trophy killing of a brown bear to blame "foreigners" as the driving factor in the country's social and economic problems. 

Al Jazeera has an op-ed arguing that ethnonationalism is responsible for the conflict in Ethiopia. 

Nikkei Asia has a piece on France’s move to the political right in the midst of growing nationalism sweeping across Europe.

Sun-Sentinel has a piece about the Polish government giving $50,000 to a nationalist website headed by a student who has made anti-Semitic comments.

Global News has a story about recent comments made by the mayor of Calgary asserting that anti-mask rallies are ‘thinly veiled white nationalist’ protests.

LSE has a blog post discussing a new study that identifies a difference between citizens with nationalist attitudes and those who are patriotic.

Daily Maverick has an opinion piece arguing that Africa’s response to vaccine nationalism should teach the world a lesson. 

Penn Today published a piece about a team of Univ. of Pennsylvania philosophers examining if “crisis nationalism” is morally acceptable during a pandemic.

ABC has a podcast (54 mins) looking at the links between globalism and nationalism




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