Weekend Reading 05/07/2021

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The Spectator (paysite) has an op-ed arguing that Scottish nationalism is no better than any other kind. Reuters has a story on how news that the Scottish National Party (SNP) was unlikely to win an outright majority in Thursday’s election, dashing hopes for a referendum, will impact the stability of the British Pound Sterling. The Guardian published an opinion piece discussing the idea that the Labour party lacks patriotism and how this idea is nearly as old as the party itself. PBS has a (video) story looking at how the talk of independence is now on the rise in Scotland and Wales. 

The Hill published an article about recent comments made by Pope Francis condemning “aggressive” nationalism that rejects migrants and refugees.

Press Herald has a story about the arrest of a neo-Nazi that shows the growth of the white nationalist movement in the New England region of the US. Chicago Tribune (paysite) published a story on how the right-wing think tank led by white nationalist Richard Spencer was ordered to pay $2.4 million to an Ohio man injured during a white supremacist rally two years ago in Virginia.

Teen Vogue has an article examining the impact of vaccine nationalism around the world.

Deutsche Welle has an interview with Jerome Kim, director of the International Vaccine Institute in South Korea discussing how waiving vaccine patents could put an end to vaccine nationalism. 

Slate has an op-ed arguing that vaccine nationalism will cost lives worldwide.

US News and World Report published a piece about how President Tayyip Erdogan's nationalist ally said that his party had drafted a new constitution for Turkey.

US News and World Report has a story covering how Ethiopia faces a growing crisis of ethnic nationalism that could tear the country apart.

The Bulwark has an opinion article discussing how a dispute started by a group of military officers has reinvigorated France’s nationalist right.

Balkan Insight published a story covering a Romanian nationalist party that recently announced that it intends to participate in parliamentary elections in neighboring Moldova.





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