Weekend Reading 02/26/2021

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Chicago Tribune has an article covering a self-proclaimed white nationalist who was sentenced to three years in prison for threatening to rape the wife of a man who was part of a separate racist group. The Christian Post has an article about evangelical leaders condemning the role of 'Christian nationalism' in the Capitol riot. The Guardian also has an article about evangelicals condemning Christian nationalism.  CBS News has a story on a US Army veteran saying that the US military needs an "honest reckoning" with systemic racism. WSJ (paysite) has an opinion piece arguing that white nationalism isn't the biggest issue for minorities in the US. Mother Jones has an article about far-right extremists resuming the use of the app Telegram to recruit.

Politico has an article about Conservatives dismissing turmoil in Downing Street to counter Scottish nationalism.

Al Jazeera has an article looking at Alexey Navalny and his nationalist past.

The National Interest has an opinion piece about the dangers of “data nationalism”.

The Christian Science Monitor has a piece about how COVAX, the WHO-backed program for equitable vaccination distribution, has been hampered by vaccine nationalism. Yahoo News has an article about recent comments made by Japan's vaccine rollout chief warning that vaccine nationalism could disrupt global supplies. Deutsche Welle has an opinion piece focusing on how economic recovery is dependent on vaccinating the developing world.

The Africa Report has an op-ed looking at the struggle between multilateralism and nationalism. 




Justin Collier