Weekend Reading 01/22/2021

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A local ABC affiliate has a story about a recent discussion in Kansas City on the rise of white nationalism in America. Vox published a piece looking at the lessons that Reconstruction can teach about modern white nationalism. Medium has an account of an author who recently became the target of right-wing trolling. Insider published a piece on how the Proud Boys brought far-right extremism into the political mainstream.  NPR has an article looking at the dangers posed by militant Christian nationalism. CNN (video) interviewed a security expert on the presence of white nationalism in the United States military. The Hill has an opinion article arguing that Trump’s economic nationalism was a failure. NPR (audio) has an article about how some Christians view their continued support for Trump as a divine struggle. The Atlantic has a blog post looking at how white Christian nationalists are looking for more than just power in DC. 

US News and World Report has an article covering recent comments from the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus once again warning against the "catastrophic moral failure" of vaccine nationalism. Express has a story on Ex-Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s recent comments attacking the UK government for vaccine nationalism

NYT has a story on an Amazon drama stirring the anger of India’s Hindu nationalists. Irish Times published an article on how Hindu nationalists are venerating Mahatma Gandhi’s killer as a misunderstood patriot. New Delhi Times has an op-ed asserting that the modern world needs nationalism as an alternative to the concept of Caliphate.

Japan Times has a piece that characterizes Japanese poet Matsuo Taseko as an artist caught up in nationalist fervor. 

Reuters has a story about Myanmar police clashing with supporters of Buddhist nationalist monk Ashin Wirathu during a demonstration. 

Ahval has an article about recent comments from Turkey’s far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) founder warning against a "burgeoning unruly nationalism’’ in the country. 




Justin Collier and David Prior